Maria Angeles Rostro

Maria Angeles Rostro | President | Angies Construction Services, INC.

Since 2013, Maria Angeles Rostro has excelled as the president of Angies Construction Services, INC., a prominent family-owned construction company that provides top-of-the-line trenching, commercial piping, and pipe drilling services throughout the Orlando, Florida community. Its experienced team and vast equipment offer professionalism to various clients, including real estate developers, engineers, architecture firms, utility companies, and more.

 It all began with her husband, Fernando, a renowned figure in the construction industry who had been laid off from the company he worked at—which inspired them to start one on their own. Under her leadership and administrative expertise, as well as extensive knowledge in underground construction works and the installation of cables, Ms. Rostro helped turn her husband’s misfortune into a $2 million company in just two years. She has marveled at its continued growth, now with more than 50 employees, which she considers her most notable achievement.

Ms. Rostro attributes her success to her dedication and love for the firm’s work, its reputation, and her family’s strong faith and obedience to God. Born and raised in Mexico, she immigrated to the United States in 1995 and married her husband four years later; together, they have four children. Looking toward the future, she strives to establish another location for the business and expand to 15 drills and 15 crews.

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